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Chow Chow House Training

Chow Chow are smart and clean dogs and house training them shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Even so a bit of advice never hurt anybody.

When you bring your new Chow Chow puppy home you’ll want to place him in his crate, this is the place that he will from then on consider his home. If the crate is not too spacious he will never go to potty there. While he is still a small puppy his bladder will not be able to hold a lot of liquid so you’ll want to take him out every half an hour, as well as after each meal and after longer playing sessions.

Always take him to the same place that you have designated previously for such activities. After the puppy is done with his business praise him and give him a treat. Don’t be scarred that you’ll go overboard, be as excited about his success as possible.

It would be ideal if you could spare the time to be around the puppy as often as you can. Watch him between the bathroom breaks. In time you’ll learn to recognize the body language that signals that he needs to go out. In case he has an accident in the house, scold him and take him out immediately. If he continues to go while he is outside, as soon as he is done, reward him with praise and a treat. Never punish the puppy if you determine that he has had an accident in the house if you didn’t catch him in the act. This would just confuse him and send the wrong signals.

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